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32min gym workout that'll make you feel sparkly

... And by sparkly I really mean sweaty. But of course afterwards you'll feel all kinds of amazing.

So yesterday arvo I put it out to my @abbyleebonny insta fam for a workout because Cas had been sick in the morning and I was feeling like I needed a sweat session but after dealing a sick (tired and sassy) baby I wasn't feeling 100% motivated - I needed some inspo!  Annnnd I'm so freakin' excited to say that I asked and I most definately received, several workouts in fact - THANK YOU!!

Below is the workout I choose including a warm up and warm down!  

Warm up | approx. 7mins

Thanks to my babe and fellow Mama, @handenton - She's seriously the closest thing I have ever seen to Super Mum and gives me quite a few of my workouts which I'm forever grateful and will keep sharing with you on here because they're awesome!

  • 15 walk out push ups

  • 5 min EMOM (ever minute on the minute) of 5 burpees followed by 5 jump squats, this means you do 5 rounds of these two exercises over the duration of 5 minutes.

Confused on the EMOM? How it works is soon as you start the rimer you bust out your first round (5 burpees and 5 squat jumps) then rest, when the timer is at 1min you complete your second round then rest, at 2minutes your third round then rest, at 3mins your fourth round then rest, at 4mins you complete your fifth round and final round.


Workout | approx. 15mins

Thanks to my buddy Jay Harrison, he's the lad behind what you may have known as Rapid Fitness but is now working on a super exciting venture in the fitness world, @myrecal, which is launching soon, you can learn more about it here.

Complete Three Rounds of

  •  25 Push ups
  • 50 Squats
  • 25kcal bike sprint

Wind Down | approx. 10mins

Finish the session with IT roll outs, kneeling quad stretch and calf stretches on a block.

If you're not sure about these just type into google, next time I'll take photos!  

So before I got Jays message, I had already started a super set of deadlifts at 40kgs and decline squats with a 16kg dumbbell so when it came to those three sets of 50 squats I was feeling it.  Lets just say I was stoked to get to stretching and the sauna post this session!

If you give it a go I'd love to know! Also if you have a workout you love and I should try send it through with the subject line "Workout" to me and I'll give it a go, abbylee@thehhlifestyle.co.


Need some post workout refuel? Try my Cinnamon Choc Cookie Protein Smoothie!


Health + Happiness - always!


#MAMATRUTH | sometimes us parents need guidance too

#MAMATRUTH | sometimes us parents need guidance too

Cinnamon choc cookie smoothie

Cinnamon choc cookie smoothie