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6 things I miss the most

6 things I miss the most

I know, I know I'm living in Paradise, but being away from home comforts, and having packed a small(ish) suitcase with the essentials, has really made me aware of, and grateful for, some simple yet key brands/products I use daily.

I love them so much in fact I wish I could have bought a whole suitcase over full of them...  When I came over a few years ago I bought over 3kgs of plant protein powder (talk about committed).  I actually wish I had of bought over a suitcase full of protein/collagen/probiotics and the below products because, while Bali has all the smoothie bowls and beach clubs you could dream of, there are some things home does better!   

Also Babes, FYI this post is in no way sponsored, just brands and products I love and thought it'd be nice to share because the best things come via personal recommendations right?!


#1 Triumph & Disaster Shampoo and Conditioner

This gets me feeling so ridiculously good about getting outta bed in the morning! I swear, no exaggeration, the peppermint scent of the @triumphanddisaster shampoo is better than coffee for a morning wake up and the conditioner is the BEST natural conditioner I've tried, it actually works! #1 FAN GIRL over here!!

I also got the fiancé some of their hair stuff and ohhhh my it smells so good, every time he wears it I'm all over him, cue creepy girlfriend asking to smell him! I'm also told by my babetown gf @iamshelives that their Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub is out of this world incred so that's on my 'Must Try' list for when I get home.

Check it out for yourself here.


#2 SKIN by ecostore Facial Oil

So I'm a massive facial oil fan! Seriously, I love it and even if I'm using a moisturiser I'll always add a squirt or two to my morning and evening skin routine.  I think it's something I've picked up from my Mum, she always loved a rich moisturiser with an oil base.  I used to use (and love) the @tailorskincare "serum" product but they've since discontinued it.  With the recent launch of @skinbyecostore I noticed it included a Facial Oil (Yay!) and I've been using it day and night since arriving in Bali.  I adore it BUT I've now run out and my face is CRAVING it.  I actually bought over the whole mini travel kit with me but the Multi Nutrient Facial Oil is defs my fave.

You can check out their rage online and you'll find it on the shelves at your local New World, Pak n Save or Countdown.


#3 Curio Noir | Opia

I don't think I can begin to tell you what an experience it is to visit Curio Noir, other than it's fascinating, mesmerising and you should do it.  So I'd always been a little intimidated yet curious driving past @curionoir on Ponsonby Road and just before I came to Bali my curiosity got the better of me, and after entering their enchanting store I wish I had of done it earlier.

Truth be told I actually caught the Babes, Fran and Tiffany, eating a lamb dish from the (maybe) Turkish place next door (they tell me it's fab and a must try) but once they finished their mouthful they talked me through and tempted me with their, from memory, five scents. Each one unique and talking to Tiffany, the owner, the scent of each parfum is meticulously intentional.  I choose Opia with notes of "rhubarb, oud wood absolute, virginian cedarwood, Indian sandalwood and labdanum absolute".  Buuuuut silly me, I left it in my car on the way to the airport. I then asked Vinny to bring it to me when he came, but he forgot it too. So I'm ridiculously excited to return home to a full (mini size) bottle!

If you can't make it to their store, 76A Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn, check out their stockist or visit their online store which delivers throughout New Zealand and soon to be Internationally.

P.s For my next purchases/Birthday Wishlist I've got my eye on their "Diaphanous" parfum and they have stunning candles carried in glass which are made individually in New Zealand! Yum!


#4 Red Seal Toothpase

A post shared by Red Seal NZ (@redsealnz) on

I've been using @redsealnz toothpaste for years, personally I actually love the 'Smokers' flavour, even though I don't smoke (anymore, quit that years ago... yes I've not always lead the "healthy" lifestyle), it's super fresh and minty and leaves me feeling very clean! Sometimes if my teeth/gums are feeling a little sensitive, that happens sometimes, it's too much and I'll opt for the 'baking soda' flavour.

Cas also uses, and loves, the Red Seal kids one too. It's free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate, and other harsh chemicals, especially formulated for young!

You'll find them at ya local supermarket and can check out all their toothpastes including ingredients on their website here.


# 5 Real World Hand Soap

A post shared by Real World NZ (@realworldnz) on

Oh my, my hands have never smelt so incredible! It's an absolute pleasure to wash my hands each and every time with the stunning @realworldnz hand soap. I was introduced to this when I went to my gf @beingwell_'s place and when I left I couldn't stop smelling my hands! I think from memory I have their Sandalwood & Rose Geranium flavour - Yum!  

Real World create natural plant based products free from sodium laurel sulphate, sulphate and parabens!

 I'm yet to try any of their other products but just look at them, they're like a beautiful natural feast for the eyes and I can not wait to return home to wash my hands and get said clean little hands on more of their products. Their bath foam, natural sea sponge, lip balm and hand cream are on on that 'Must Try' list too.

I purchased my hand soap from @fatherrabbit but you can find all of their stunning stockist here or order online at their online store!


#6 EcoStore Natural Washing Powder

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So here's how it goes... You get to Bali and you either have someone come and collect your washing or you drop it to the laundromat. You receive it/pick it up 24 hours or so later and you've had to do pretty much nothing, other than pay a $6 laundry bill, and what do you get?!  Beautiful clean clothes that have been washed, dried, ironed and folded with incredible care, it's even packaged up.  Maybe you've lost a sock or ended up with someone else's Calvin's (true story it happens) but it's pretty fab.  

Here's the shitty part, it's wrapped in plastic. Oh boy, Ive lost count the number of times I've given them a reusable material bag and asked them to "not use plastic, use this bag instead" and had my laundry returned to me not only wrapped in plastic but my reusable bag has been washed and is now inside the plastic too (face in hands)!  

Also somewhere along the washed, dried, ironed and folded production line each item is sprayed with 'fragrance", it's full of more chemicals than I'd ever like to put on my skin and smells like those fragrance things your Nana keeps in her draws only worse!

So what I'm saying here is I miss my natch laundry powder, because I'd rather smell like my delicious shampoo, hand wash, or parfum (or even my toothpaste/facial oil!) than I would any kind of chemical laundry powder.

P.s At home I use EcoStore, you'll find at your local supermarket, their online store or better yet if you're in Ponsonby head to their store and you can refill your old containers. Recycle and reuse Babe!

So there it is Babes, 6 things I miss the most, aside from my loved ones (obviously)!  I should have called this post "6 things that'll leave you smelling sweet" or something as it turns out I have a huge thing with delicious scents! 

I should mention a couple of things I am grateful for is finding some natch cleaning products at the supermarket and finding organic eggs and freshly baked gluten, dairy and sugar free bread from Oka's Bakery.  Also, while I'm a menstrual cup Babe I have also noticed the Guardian Pharmacies (the bright orange ones) stock Natracare tampons so you can get organic feminine products - Yay!


FYI, as I said at the start of this post none of this was sponsored, they're just things I love/miss and I felt it'd be nice to share.


Health + Happiness - always!


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