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I'm Abbylee, the Babe behind H + H LIFESTYLE. I could wish for nothing more than to motivate you to live a life you love full of health and happiness.

How?! By sharing my journey, what/who inspires me and by always being real and honest with you.

I also love hosting events, retreats (in NZ and Bali), just as much as I love connecting with you, my community, in real life and online!

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Try this 300 reps workout

Try this 300 reps workout

Hey Babes! You may have seen that I've been doing a bit of barre and yoga here in Bali but I'm really missing my gym training sessions.  Back home I do lots of group fitness sessions and if I'm training in the gym one of my Babes will put together a workout for us.  However, I'm Babeslessnhere in Bali, but I can't use that as an excuse.  I just found out yesterday my Les Mills New Lynn fam have put together weekly workout videos on their Facebook page and today I gave this weeks a go!


I'm not gonna lie I was kinda scared.  You know how it is when you're just getting back into something?  But it was freakin' awesome so I thought I'd share as a little motivation to keep that gorgeous body of yours moving, I've also included my weights/reps. 

300 Workout

25 Squat Burpees, try do all 25 without stopping this first round!

50 Barbell Back Squats, I did five sets of 10 reps at 30kgs.

50 Push Ups, again I did five sets of 10 reps. The first 20 on my toes, then to keep my form I did my three sets on my knees.

50 Barbell Bent Over Rows, I used the bar which is 20kg.

50 Deadball Slams, I used a 5kg ball as this was the heaviest my gym had.

50 Leg Raises, I used a 10kg weight over head.

25 Squat Burpees, Phew I tried to do all 25 in a row but got to 17, had a little shake/dance then finished my final eight.

Video Demo

If you're unsure of any of the movements check out the video below!

If you give it a go I'd love to know how you got on, comment on this post on the gram @thehhlifestyle or below! Also I'd love to know who are your fav motivators who post their workouts on instagram? I need some reccommendations!


I hope you have a fab weekend Babes, doing all the things things that make you feel healthy and happy!!  


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