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How?! By sharing my journey, what/who inspires me and by always being real and honest with you.

I also love hosting events, retreats (in NZ and Bali), just as much as I love connecting with you, my community, in real life and online!

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The fear of trying something new

The fear of trying something new

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Something completely out of your comfort zone? How freakin’ scary is it?!

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Last night I went to what I thought was a boxing session with @richiehardcore,  I’ve done boxing a couple of times so was like “yeah no problems”… Well it wasn’t boxing, it was Muay Thai.

 Babes, has anyone ever done or even watched Muay Thai? Woah, it’s intense! Am I right?!  The punches.  The kicks.  The knees.  The elbows (I don't think I've ever used my elbows before!). The combos. The flow…

To say the least this was a test in my practice of non-judgement and expectation.  Let’s just say I didn’t exactly pass with “flying colours”, my inner critic was throwing all kinds of criticisms at me.  But what I did do, was learn a lot.  I learnt about trying, frustration, support and community.

I arrived for “boxing”, not knowing anyone I slinked to the back of the room (yes, even Abbylee Bonny isn't confidient 100% of the time).  Waiting for Richie to turn up, I felt anxious, "am I in the right place?", "should I be skipping too?", "how are they even skipping so gracefully?!", "I'll look at insta so I look like I'm doing something.  No get off your phone", "ok I'll just do some stretches.", "Babe, just breathe."...  

Yes my mind went to all of these places and more. 

Class started, “this is not what I expected”. I felt awkward, doing movements so unfamiliar to my physical body and mind.  As an observer I could see how it was meant to play out, the footwork, arm movements and flow between the two, but when I tried it myself the pathways weren’t there. I was clunky to say the least, like I imagine an elephant would feel and look in a ballet class.

But this challenge was so refreshing, I felt like any new student does in their first yoga class, lifting session or even playing tennis for the first time.  I hadn't put myself quite this far outside of my comfort zone for a long time, but I'm so glad I did.

Leaving I felt refreshed, open and humble.

I also felt grateful. Grateful for the girl who smiled at my from across the room when I first walked in, the patience of others in the class, the guy that lent me wraps and Richie affirming “we’re just here to have fun” when he could see my frustration.

Reflecting and sharing this experience has been really lovely and I plan on incorporating "newness" outside of my comfort zone into my life more often, not always in the physical sense, you know I've always wanted to try pottery making!

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Babes, I'd love to know when was the last time you did something for the first time?!  I love hearing form you!

Health + Happiness - always!


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Collab | The Body Systems

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