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I'm Abbylee, the Babe behind H + H LIFESTYLE. I could wish for nothing more than to motivate you to live a life you love full of health and happiness.

How?! By sharing my journey, what/who inspires me and by always being real and honest with you.

I also love hosting events, retreats (in NZ and Bali), just as much as I love connecting with you, my community, in real life and online!

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Mindful mantra meditation

Mindful mantra meditation

INHALE | “I am powerful.”
EXHALE | “We are connected.”

How To |

Sitting in easy cross legged, close your eyes. Extend up though the crown of the head, finding space between the vertebrae. Now babe, tuck your chin slightly. 
With each of the below hand positions silently repeat the above mantra to yourself three times using your breath as a cue.

1. Place your hands palms facing down on the floor.
2. Place your hands one on top of the other at your heart space.
3. Extend your hands high, as pictured.

Completing hand positions 1,2 + 3 is one cycle. Complete three full cycles. Once finished let your breath return to normal, be still + notice how it feels.
When you're ready mindfully open your eyes.

Babe that's you're meditation complete.

I'm doing this meditation once a day for this week, it only takes 5mins. Anyone wanna join?


Health + Happiness - always!


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