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I'm Abbylee, the Babe behind H + H LIFESTYLE. I could wish for nothing more than to motivate you to live a life you love full of health and happiness.

How?! By sharing my journey, what/who inspires me and by always being real and honest with you.

I also love hosting events, retreats (in NZ and Bali), just as much as I love connecting with you, my community, in real life and online!

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You are more than your physical body

You are more than your physical body

I posted this photo on the gram/FB the other day but I didn't actually say why! I hid behind a "Fri-freakin-yay" caption (face in hands).  So why did I actually post it...


Because the thought of posting a photo that showed my physical body in a state I saw as "imperfect" was terrifying, I'm not gonna lie I have insecurities about my body but I wanna let that shit go because it's first level shit I can't be bothered with anymore. So I posted it as a "fuck yes, my body is awesome".  My gorgeous friend @sunnivaholt inspired me to face my fear, she is living her "year without fear", where anything she is afraid of she attacks head on - such a fab idea.


When I first saw this picture I was like "cute", then I put on my judgey pants and started to pick myself to pieces.  I then gave myself a little pep talk (and kick up the ass). Oh the emotional rollercoaster I set myself up on... I reminded myself that I am more than my physical body, in fact this physical body I do have is fucking amazing. A heart that beats, lunges that breathe, eyes that see, legs that are strong - our body's are more valuable than gold.


Own it, flaunt it, cherish it, love it.


Health + Happiness - always!


Babe! Don't give up, you bloody got this!

Babe! Don't give up, you bloody got this!